Owl Sage jewelry is worn to help balance and reinforce the positive attributes of each chakra...

Chakra means "Wheel of Light" in ancient Indian Sanskrit. 
The Chakra system in the human form can be 
understood and felt on the subtle level of one's being. 
Energy exists all around and through us. 
The Chakras allow the universal energy of consciousness
to move from one frequency to another, 
spiraling along the spine and throughout the body 
through the nadis (channels).
 Each chakra has a specific function and quality and all work together to help us strive for health, balance, 
happiness and well-being.          

Understanding and working with the chakras helps correct imbalances and promotes healing, happiness, and balance.

Root Chakra - "I AM" Sanskrit: Muladhara

Support”- Stability, survival, grounded, fearlessness…

Color –red / Element- earth

Location – base of the spine

Organs – (elimination) colon, anus, urethra / Sensesmell

Issuesinstability, feeling lack, fear

Mantra – I am grounded, stable and protected.  (Shanti Hum)

Seed Sound – Lam

Sacral Chakra - "I FEEL" Sanskrit: Svadhisthana

“Sweetness”-Joy, abundance, creativity, emotions, passion…

Colororange / Elementwater

Location –below the naval

Organs(sex organs) bladder, prostrate, womb / Sensetaste

Issuesemotional, sexual, lack of passion and creativity

Mantra – I am creative, joyful and balanced.  (Ananda Hum)

Seed Sound – Vam

Solar Plexus Chakra -"I DO" Sanskrit: Manipura

“Lustrous Gem”-Confidence, willpower, motivation, purpose…

Color – yellow / Element fire  

Location between the naval and heart

Organs (digestive) stomach, gut, pancreas / Sense – sight

Issues low self-esteem, ego, weakness

Mantra – I am confident and manifest my desires. (Dharma Hum)

Seed Sound – Ram

Heart Chakra - "I LOVE" Sanskrit: Anahata

Unstruck”-Compassion, unconditional love, generosity…

Color green / Element air  

Location – the chest

Organs (circulation) heart, lungs, thymus / Sensetouch

Issuesanger, poor relationships, isolation

Mantra – I am love, compassion and gratitude. (So Hum)  

Seed Sound – Yam

Throat Chakra - "I SPEAK" Sanskrit: Vishudha

Purification”-Expression, communication, truth…

Colorblue / Element sound  

Locationthe neck

Organs(endocrine) throat, thyroid, parathyroid / Sense hearing

Issues-poor communication and expression, overbearing

Mantra I am truth and express myself freely. (Sat Nam)  

Seed Sound – Ham

Brow/Third Eye Chakra -"I SEE"Sanskrit:Ajna

“Percive”Insight, clairvoyance, wisdom…

Color indigo / Element ether  

Location – mid brain

Organs(limbic system) pituitary/pineal glands / Senseintuition

Issuesspiritually disconnected, lacking insight, negative outlook

Mantra – I am wisdom and intuition. (Aum)

Seed Sound – Aum (lower pitch)

Crown Chakra -"I AM ALL"Sanskrit: Sahasrara

“Thousandfold”Oneness, consciousness, enlightenment…

Colorviolet / Element-consciousness

Locationtop of head

Organs(nervous system) pineal gland, spine / Senseakasha

Issuesdepression, confusion, agitation

Mantra – I am one with all of creation. (Aham Bramasmi)  

Seed Sound – Aum (higher pitch)