Synchronistic Voyage Book


There are mysteries in the Universe that ancient civilizations, scientists,

historians, philosophers and theologians have been exploring for centuries.

One such mystery is the occurrence of a phenomenon known as Synchronicity.

This book is a visual diary, presenting a woven tapestry of spiritual beliefs,

sacred science and math, art, music, history, mythology,

and my own truth based on research, experience, insight and intuition.

A variety of profound symbols and concepts related to creation and the

Cosmos are explained, along with images for clarification.

My voyage of discovery has led me to the jungles of Costa Rica and Brazil,

the mountains of Peru and Guatemala, the castles and monuments of Europe,

the temples of Indonesia, and the vortex rock formations of Sedona, Arizona.

The inspirational stories delve into fear, survival, faith, hope, passion, love and transformation.

My travels, experiences and spiritual evolution have led me to the realization

that the purpose of life is to learn, enjoy, create and grow...

"Synchronicity is an ever present reality for those who have eyes to see." - Carl Gustav Jung


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