Root Chakra Balance Mala


This Mala was created using 108 Lotus seeds and gemstones. Lotus seeds have been used for centuries for meditation, healing, to attain a higher level of consciousness and for protection from negativity. The gemstones embody the positve healing qualities associated with each chakra. They are as follows; Garnet (root - stability), Carnelian (sacral - creativity), Yellow Jade (solar plexus - confidence), Green Aventurine (heart - compassion), Lapis (throat - expression), Amethyst (third eye - insight), Rose Quartz (crown - oneness). The red tassel is a symbol of the Root  Chakra (lstability & strength). This mala is used  to balance all of the chakras with the Root Chakra.

*For more information about lotus seeds, malas and mantras please see the page "Mantras and Malas" on this site

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